In broad terms, commercial and residential window cleaning are mainstay services for us here at Hawk Wash. But under those broad umbrellas, we offer a variety of services that make us your one-call service provider to get all kinds of projects checked off of your list.

Storefront Window Cleaning

This is where it all started for Hawk Wash. Storefronts still constitute an important part of our commercial window cleaning services. We offer inside and/or outside cleaning on schedules ranging from weekly to quarterly. We clean storefronts 52 weeks a year, with a very stable group of cleaners. This means that you’ll see the same faces week after week—and we won’t disappear for four months when the weather gets cold.

Post-Construction Cleaning

We offer both commercial and residential post-construction window cleaning. We have established ourselves as the window cleaner of choice with a number of contractors in the area. Post-construction window cleaning is a different animal from maintenance work, and we are familiar with the tools and chemicals necessary to make the glass on that new home or building shine.

Janitorial Services

Our sister company, Bird Janitorial, actually predates Hawk Wash by 12 years and has been providing a variety of commercial janitorial services in Lawrence since 1990. We can handle everything from bathrooms, dusting, trash, and vacuuming to floor work and detail cleaning. Banks and financial institutions have been a mainstay for us since 1990, but we also clean everything from medical offices to restaurants.

Light Fixture Cleaning

Whether your light fixtures are inside or out, high or ground level, we can get them sparkling again and remind you of why you bought them in the first place. Bugs and dust are death on glass fixtures and we’ve got the right solutions, cloths, and ladders to bring them back to life


Mirror Cleaning

Learn the secret that every window cleaner learns the first day on the job: paper and cloth towels can never get a glass surface as clean as a squeegee. You’ll be shocked at the difference this principle makes when applied to your mirrors!

Fan Cleaning

Why risk your neck when we’ve already got the ladder right there! We know the difference between surfaces that just need to be dusted off and those that need elbow grease and cleaning solution. Again, you’ll be shocked at the difference it makes to get those fixtures cleaned up and looking new again.

Mineral Deposit Removal

Months and years of minerals drying on glass surfaces can leave them etched and stained in ways that no normal cleaning will touch. Whether the source of the mineral deposits is water and sprinkler systems or masonry building surfaces that leach minerals onto the windows, we have the right eco-friendly chemicals and techniques to bring clarity back to glass surfaces that you may have written off as lost. Let us clean a sample area for you, so that you can see the difference for yourself!

Porch Screen Cleaning

Are you one of the growing number of people who enjoy screened indoor/outdoor living spaces? Let us bring our screen cleaning expertise to bear on those screened walls. Once again, you’ll be shocked when you see how those screens originally looked before they accumulated all of that dust and pollen and cottonwood seed.

Gutter Cleaning

The dangerous aspects of gutter cleaning are intimidating for many, and failure to keep your gutters and downspouts clear and flowing can quickly cost you THOU$AND$ of dollars in property damage.  Let us clean them safely and thoroughly!